Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Papa Clutch Shovelhead Bolt on Rigid Tail Section


PAPA CLUTCH out of Good Ole Iowa is kicking out bolt on rigid tail sections for your SHOVELHEAD.

Where other Weld-on Tail sections require a extensive tear
down of the bike. This slick Tail Section eliminates all that extra
work and cost. Losing the weight of that heavy swing-arm and shocks,
but still giving yourself the option to put it all back. Hard tailing
could not be any easier!!


Constructed out of 100% American Heavy DOM Seamless Steel Tubing & 100% TIG welded in America.

The Tail Section is a direct replacement of the
stock swing-arm and shocks for model years 1958-1984. Transforming you
bike into a instant Rigid Hard Tail with-out any cutting or welding on
your frame. Check em out or give a Tim a call!

MSRP is $465.00 raw and $505.00 powder
coated, both included all the hardware.

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