Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cycle Source Builder of Year

2010 Cycle Source Builder of the Year: Larry Pierce - Garage Co. Customs

Since opening in 2006, Larry’s been slowly but surely making a name for himself and his shop in this industry. After working for several shops, Larry decided to open his doors based on treating people right and and making killer bikes. Spenser (“Stewie”), Larry’s right hand man, “has been here with me since the start and is a huge part of the shop success” Larry says. Garage Co Customs moved to a bigger shop about year and a half ago and have not looked back since. They have been featured in several national and international magazines over the course of the year. They joined the Limpnickie Lot in 2009, have been featured in Artistry in Iron, grabbed top ten Smoke-out 2010, is currently on the “Easyriders Tour”, and a Chop-off 2011 Builder–there is no doubt Larry has had a doozie of a year! To top off…stoked to announce Larry Pierce of Garage Co. Customs as Cycle Source’s 2010 Builder of the Year!


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I am so proud of you!

Love Ashley


  1. Congrats to the GarCo Crew! You're my favorite bunch of assholes.

  2. Can I PLEASE have your autograph now Larry???

  3. Tittys and beer my friend that shit is tittys and beer !! ! ! ! ! !

  4. Marty, I've been trying to get Larry's autograph since the FIRST Cycle Source layout. The anti-social fuck just won't give it up! ;-P