Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Born Free

Better late than never, right?
The show was sensory overload at it grandest. If you haven't been, then this show needs to be on your list of events to go to…seeing that many rad old bikes in one place is unreal.  This was the 4th year of the show and last I heard there were 10-15 thousand people there and a sea of chops.

How Mike D. and Grant put on such a kickass event with the size it has grown to in 4 years is beyond me….but they defintly put on the best show in the motorcycle industry hands down.

Ashley or myself honestly did not take that many pictures at the show, we were both so overwhelmed at all the shit there I guess we just blanked. But here are a few of the ones we did take.
For more pics - Bornfreeshow

-Trico Party-

-Born Free-

Matty puttin in some work at Born Free 

 Trent from Atomic's Knuckle - Best Paint

One of these one something?

We found Stewie's Triumph

-Biltwell After Party-

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