Saturday, July 31, 2010

Barbers Vintage Festival

Coming up soon.  If you havent made it to this event you need to make it this year.  Its goin down Oct. 8-10.  We'll have a couple spots in the swap area.  Great parts and good times. The Haints will be hosting the party. Tyler and Kyle from Lowbrow will be coming down again as well as Warren from Jr's Cycle Products (so he says), Micheal Lewis with Violent Choppers, Jeremy Johnson with Muttin Cycles, Ricky Lewis with Ricks Cycle Parts and we cant forget Roadside Marty as well as others  Swap meet spots are super cheap and you can camp in your spot.  So try and make it and bring some shine if you got it.

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  1. Just please take it easy on me this year dude..last year about put me under!!!