Thursday, March 25, 2010

Garage Co DIY Weld-On Hardtail for XS650's

New XS650 Weld-On Hardtail.  Made with .120 wall DOM steel %100 tig welded.  This Do It Yourself Hardtail kit comes with axle adjusters, weld in piece for the rear loop/motor mount and seat gusset.  The bungs are already welded in place for a quick painless install.  Options for stretch and drop are available. Were selling these at an intro price of $349.00 through May.  Email us with any questions you may have


  1. Do you sell entire frames?
    Also what would be shipping to here in oz? Brisbane if relevant

  2. Are the steel frames brand new, or just recycled from an old motorcycle and refurbished? All the same, I think it can be a good replacement for an old and rusted frame. It just needs to be painted to look new again. -Kai Tiger